How to get all new secret WordPress admin – MP6 Free Plugin

It’s about a time to change the appearance of WordPress Admin Dashboard, not only to change but to get all new secret screen of WordPress Admin. But whats with this everyone talking about so called ‘Secret WordPress Plugin’, and how to get this Secret new WordPress admin.

How to get all new secret WordPress admin – MP6 Free Plugin
How to get all new secret WordPress admin – MP6 Free Plugin

  • A visual treatment for the toolbar and menubar that visually unifies the two and reduces clutter.
  • Flatter visual styling, with square corners, for tables and grouping elements like .postbox.
  • Increased saturation of the traditional WP blue.
  • A splash of color to denote the current menu item.
  • Removed the burnt orange hover state in favor of a lighter blue.
  • Single-color icons are now served via an icon font, making them load instantly and look crisp at any zoom factor.
  • Consistent typography for all operating systems by including the Open Sans web font. (Cognizant of complications embedded this could entail.)
  • Added padding between links in the menu for easier touch navigation
  • Lightened the page background using white backgrounds for grouping elements and a gray background for the body.
  • Removed the large header icons for a cleaner look at the top of the page.

How to get MP6 WordPress Plugin on to you WordPress

MP6 is where all the work on the new dashboard is happening. It’s supposedly a secret plugin, with a secret spy project name (MP6), but it’s the kind of secret that everybody is talking about.

MP6 WordPress Plugin is a free plugin available on WordPress Plugin Directory or you can install the plugin Directly from the WordPress Dashboard.

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